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The Northwest Ohio ESC Wellness Committee is pleased to roll out our wellness initiative for 2019-20:


This initiative is designed to encourage each employee to set and accomplish health and wellness goals related to them as individuals, to challenge each person to participate in an organized fitness event of their choosing (i.e.  1 mile fun walk/run, 5K run or walk, cycling event, Zumba-thon, marathon) by the end of the school year, and to encourage each employee to demonstrate commitment to an on-going health/wellness/fitness activity such as classes, a club, or group.  See below for more information:

Individual Goal Setting:

NwOESC Wellness will encourage staff to set an individualized goal in an area of health/wellness and then work to accomplish that goal by the end of the school year.  Areas of focus may include stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, fitness/exercise, or nutrition.  This list in not exhaustive.   This individualized approach to goal setting will allow staff to select something meaningful to them, and take the steps necessary to improve overall health over the course of the school year.  Surveys will be sent out by the first half of the year to elicit individualized goals, and then again in the spring to follow up with participants on progress.  To be eligible for prizes, each participant must complete the initial survey (goal setting) as well as the follow up survey (progress).  Those completing both surveys will be eligible for prizes!   Please begin to think about an area of health/wellness you would like to work on, and watch for the survey to come out soon. Prizes will be distributed at our annual fall staff meeting!

Fitness Event:

NwOESC Wellness will also challenge all staff to participate in a fitness “event” of their choice by the end of the school year. The “events” are wide open and may include activities such as a 1 or 5 K walk or run, cycling, Zumba-thon, triathlon, marathon, half marathon, etc.  The length or difficulty of the event does not matter – we all have to start somewhere!  The goal is to get active!  For each event one participates in, he/she will have his/her name entered in a drawing for end of year prizes.  The more you participate the better your chances will be for awesome prizes.  Please send a picture of yourself wearing your event tag/number, along with information that includes your name, the event you participated in, and the date of the event to by June 15, 2020.  Prizes will be distributed at our annual fall staff meeting!

The link below is a good source of events, and is updated regularly. You may be aware of other events that are held in your community that are not listed on this site. Feel free to choose what works for you! 


On-Going Commitment to Health, Wellness, or Fitness Activity or Group:

NwOESC Wellness NwOESC will encourage staff to get involved in a group or activity of their choice that demonstrates an on-going commitment (5 full months or more during the 2019.20 school year) to health/wellness.  Examples include yoga or zumba classes, active gym membership/usage, and participation in an organized club or group such a running or weight watchers.  Other examples may apply.  For each commitment activity, staff will have their name entered in the drawing for end of year prizes.  Please send a picture of yourself representing the activity along with a brief description of the ongoing commitment to by June 15th, 20120.  Prizes will be distributed at our annual fall staff meeting! 

Biometric Screening Incentives: 

NwOESC Wellness will be distributing $10.00 subway gift cards to all employees who participate in the biometric screenings this fall either through the NwOESC or at their school district location.  *If you attend at your school district, please make sure you notify us of this information.  The gift cards will be distributed in late fall, after all screenings are completed. The benefits of these screening are great, and we are striving to increase participation annually!  

Dates for 2019-20:

Thursday, October 10 – Northwest Ohio ESC Archbold Office
Friday, October 11 – Independence Education Center
Saturday, October 12 – Northwest Ohio ESC Archbold Office

Other Information:

NwOESC has established a closed group on Facebook titled “NwOESC Wellness” for staff to post fitness news, tips, recipes, and helpful wellness related information.  Request to join “NwOESC Wellness” if you are interested!

In closing, we challenge each of you to participate in NwOESC’s Wellness Initiative. Starting and staying committed is imperative to your overall health and well-being

The Northwest Ohio ESC Wellness Committee,
Ashleigh Repp, Corey Todd, Jill Gilliland, Kerri Gearhart, Kris Dobbelaere, Linda Schlosser, Michelle Smith, Bobbie Jo Repp, and Troy Slattman
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