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Transportation Schedule

Summer Honors Academy

2017 Summer Honors Academy

When: June 12-16, 2017

Where: Defiance Elementary School, 400 Carter Road, Defiance, OH 43512

Cost: One week long session per student is $75, transportation via a shuttle bus is an additional $25 for the week. Bus shuttles will be available from the following locations:

  • Fairview Elementary and Hicksville
  • Liberty Center and Napoleon
  • Montpelier and Bryan
  • Wauseon, Pettisville, and Archbold

Invitations to students will be shared with local districts during the week of March 13, 2017. A preview of available classes for the 2017 session will be available here on this website during that week.

Registration will open on April 19th @ 9:30 am and will be open until May 5th or until all classes are filled, whichever happens first.

Payment must be made at time of registration. There will be a $25 service fee charged for all canceled registrations and no refunds will be given after May 20, 2016.

Class Offerings

Classes for grades 5,6,7

Wednesday, March 15
Around the World with Foods
An International, Edible Adventure
From tortillas in Mexico to kuchen in Germany, this course will sample the food, language, culture and landscape of countries around the world. If you like to cook and want to learn more about other countries, join us. Just make sure you’ve got your passport ready!
Welcome To Monster Island!
We need a King’s Island or Disney World for little monsters. Students will create the perfect spot for their monsterish family to vacation. Art work, brochures, maps, eating spots, themed hotels, slick advertisements and spin-off memorabilia are all part of the creative package. We’ll do all this and more in a wild and wacky writing class with Mrs. Frake. No boring ideas allowed!
Bring your brains to class because we play with them every day.
Engineering 101
Do you like to design and build?  We will be creating catapults, space landers, windmills even a bungee jump for a doll!  Channel your inner engineer to figure out how you can make your creations even more functional!  Use your mathematical skills to determine your creations abilities.  Will your creation work better than the others in your class?  We’ll just have to wait and see!
The Science of Sport
Have you ever played a sport and wondered how to get better? Or were intrigued why certain things happen the way they do? We will explore sports such as basketball, golf, bowling, baseball and football and use science and statistics to improve upon them. We will also learn about some of the unknown science within the sports to give you a new perspective on some of your favorite activities.
You're Out! You're Safe! or Are you?
Whether you play sports or want to learn about sports, this class will be a great opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals, rules, strategies and even a look from an officials point of view. Sports that may be focused on are baseball/softball, basketball and football from a high school, college or professional level.
Beginning Crochet
In this class, students will learn basic information about different types of yarn and different crochet stitches. Students will get to practice the stitches with some different small projects. They will also get to take home their own set of crochet hooks and some yarn to continue learning this craft! This is a class for beginners who have never crocheted before!
Pinterest Potluck
If you are a multi-talented student that enjoys DIY projects---this is the class for you. We will do a " potluck" of Art, Cooking, Gardening, and Sewing items that you get to take home. We will conclude the week with a very special group project. In this class---Creativity is encouraged!
Roving Reporters
Do you enjoy writing? Do you wish you could check out some other Honors Academy Classes? You might enjoy Roving Reporters. Roving Reporters students will create, publish, and distribute the Honors Academy News. Students will have the opportunity to visit, sit in on, and observe multiple Honors Academy classes, interview teachers and students, and take photographs. After the reporting is complete, students will write a newspaper article about what they learned for all of the Honors Academy students, parents and teachers to read.
Future Filmmakers Need Apply
Do you like to take pictures or short video? Do you like to listen to or edit music? If so, this iMovie class is the class for you! You will use your talent and creativity to create your own iMovie. You will edit and insert video and music clips. You will also use special effects and titles throughout your iMovie!
Polka through Poland
This class will involve eating food, learning dances, and singing songs from Poland.  While learning about the culture, the students also will learn beginning Polish and create learning posters about Poland. There will not be a lot of sitting in this class:)
A Passport To Fishing!
Come learn about fishing. We will go on a journey from learning about fish to actual fishing! We will learn about freshwater fish and their environment, maintenance, fish handling and also how to cast a fishing pole. Then we will take a fishing trip.
Public Artmaking
How do we define Public Art? This course focuses on the production of projects for public places. The students will learn a brief history of public art, starting from Stonehenge and entering Street Art today. The students will create Artwork that will be displayed for the public to see. The Students will learn to work together as a team to create a complete work of Art. The students will learn skills that will challenge them and build stronger creativity skills.
LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 – Build and Program One Robot with Endless Possibilities!
In this workshop, students will be introduced to the world of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 through a quick-build robot exploring the use of motors & sensors. They will explore the basics of writing a simple program with the Mindstorms software before applying this knowledge to solve a series of challenges throughout the week. By programming their robot’s sensors, students will learn to solve real world problems and develop their own logical thinking skills in an engaging, hands-on workshop environment.
Welcome to the exciting world of Robotics... no experience necessary!

Classes for grades 2,3,4

Wednesday, March 15
Kitchen Science
 In this course you will be exploring how to do exciting science activities and experiments using things you can find right in your kitchen! We will explore different aspects of science using everyday items like eggs, strawberries, plastic bags, cookies, vegetable oil, soap, and much more! We create volcanoes, lava lamps, test the DNA of strawberries and other fascinating tricks of science. Join to learn more about Kitchen Science!
Adventures in Folklore and History
If you enjoy learning about Knights, Pirates, Mummies, Leprechauns/fairies and Greek mythology this is the perfect class for you! We will be exploring several different histories and cultures. Through this exploration we will learn about ancient people and the impact of history/culture on their day to day life. We will make Egyptian death masks, mini statues of Greek gods or creatures, your very own knight’s shield, a pirates map (arrrg!) and even a fairy garden/leprechaun home filled with flowers and herbs that you can take home and enjoy all summer!
WANTED: students who are not afraid to:
~ experiment with new art materials
~ take chances in their artwork
~ get messy using various hands-on art techniques
~ learn about other FEARLESS artists
~ have a great time being creative!

Come and experiment in various art techniques, including painting, drawing, printmaking, stamping, and mixed-media collage. Focus will be on the PROCESS of art making.
Singing, Signing and Sound
Do you enjoy singing? Are you interested in learning a new language? How about making your own instruments and learning the science of sound behind them?Then join us as we use sign language along with our voices to sing some new songs, make our own home-made instruments, learn why instruments make the sound they do, and enjoy other fun music and movement activities. Let the fun begin!
It's coming, and you'd better be ready! On August 21st, North America will experience a rare solar eclipse. While Northwest Ohio may have totality, our skies will darken, and you will be overcome by the urge to look to the sun. In this class, you will investigate the reason for this phenomenon, and other celestial events. You will construct tools to investigate the universe, and view this upcoming solar eclipse.
Art Explorers
Get ready to take a trip around the world! You'll explore artists and their work and get inspired to make your own creations! Be prepared to get messy, take some chances and experiment with various hands-on techniques including painting, drawing, weaving, printmaking and collage. It's your time to explore, have some fun and CREATE!
Tomber en amour avec la France! Falling in love with France !
In this class you will not be bored. You will be learning the French language, culture, cuisine, art, & take a tour around Paris. You will leave the week speaking basic French, having tasted the French food, experience games like kids your age in France, knowing the rich history of many monuments in Paris and even taking home your own edible Tour Eiffel!
Outdoor Physical Education at Camp Lakota
We're taking gym class outside! Using the beautiful facilities at Camp Lakota, this class combines traditional physical education with the beauty of the outdoors. No paper, pencils, phones, tablets or computers here! Students will work individually and as teams to compete in games, activities and exercises at camp. Whether you love the outdoors or are just beginning to explore it, this class is for you!
The Wide World of Sports
Put on your running shoes and have your passports ready to travel the world. We will visit many countries around the world learning and playing new games you can share with your friends.
The Presidential Experience
In this course, we will be learning lesser known facts about some of our past presidents. With this, we will create crafts and play games that they enjoyed before or during their presidencies. Did you know George Washington's favorite food was ice cream, Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to fly in a plane, or that Ronald Reagan sometimes performed stand-up comedy? Join us to find out more about these great men of history!

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