Inventory Transfers

NwOESC has a large investment in equipment. To manage and keep track of our assets we have to know when those assets change locations. There is an Inventory Transfer Form to make a request to transfer equipment from location to location within NwOESC. These changes are approved by your supervisor but should not take place until the fiscal office specialist contacts you to verify the approval. You can also use this form to report to your supervisor that you have equipment that is not useful to you or an excess item that is not needed at the worksite. Supervisors can share that information and hopefully put the item to good use in another location. If moving to a new building, please call the fiscal office specialist and request an inventory checklist to verify that all items are moved or dealt with appropriately.

Disposing of Inventory

The public trusts us with equipment and we need to be careful that we can account for those items. If an item is no longer useful or broken and not worth repairing, then an Inventory Disposal Request Form should be completed and submitted to your supervisor for evaluation. If the supervisor agrees that there is no value to NwOESC for the item, then the request will be given to the superintendent for the final decision. No disposal, trade-in, or sale should take place until the fiscal office specialist calls to let you know what action has been approved.

Questions About Inventory?

If you would like a copy of your classroom inventory or have any inventory questions please contact the fiscal office specialist, Mikala Carpenter in the Business Office.

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