Gifted Education Supervisors

About the Gifted Program

Gifted education programs and services are designed to develop and maximize a gifted child's unique abilities and enhance personal growth. Supervisors of programs for the gifted make available to school districts the following services.
  • Supporting the identification of high-ability students in the four areas of intellectual, academic, creative and visual/performing arts.
  • Developing curriculum for high-ability students reflecting differentiated content, differentiated product, differentiated process, and differentiated learning environment.
  • Assisting general classroom teachers in modifying curriculum for more in-depth study or an accelerated pace, and developing appropriate instructional strategies.
  • Collaborating with school administrators in selection of appropriate identification tools, staff development, providing information for EMIS reports, and assisting in teacher/program evaluation.
  • Coordinating student-centered events.

Repository Information

The NwOESC Gifted Test Repository has the gifted testing materials for individual or whole grade testing




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