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Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
The NwOESC governing board requires direct deposit for all employee payrolls.  You may change the account(s) that you have your pay deposited to at any time.  Generally we issue a physical check for the pay following receipt of a new Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit.  During that payroll your deposit information will be verified.  The next payroll will return to a direct deposit but to your new account(s) as requested.  You will need to attach a check or deposit ticket for a checking account.  For a savings account you should ask your financial institution for a letter or account specification sheet showing the necessary banking numbers for direct deposit.

City-Village Income Tax Deduction Request
If you move or change job locations, the percentages of salary or the city-village taxes that are applicable may need to be changed.  Changing the deduction information is the responsibility of the employee.  The payroll accountant will not automatically update this for you.  There is a form, including guidelines, to help you determine what deductions are appropriate.  City-village income taxes are often confusing so please call the office if you have questions.

Employee Kiosk
The Employee Kiosk website can be found by clicking the "Employee Kiosk Login" button on the left hand side of this page.  Click on “register” in the middle of the box if you are a new user.  Select Fulton County and then you will find Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center in the District drop down box.  Please use your nwoesc.org e-mail address.  Once you log on you will come to an Employee Profile page.  This will display the information in the payroll files.  You will probably find the Pay slip and View/Print W-2 options down the left to be the most helpful.  Note that Leave Calendars is not activated.  Please do not use the IPDP link unless directed to by the LPDC committee.

Substitute Payroll Forms are submitted on a bi-weekly basis.  A pay period ends on the Saturday following a pay date.  The time in that pay period will be paid 2 weeks later on the next payroll Friday.  Once substitutes get in the bi-weekly cycle they submit Timesheets at the end of the week when they receive a payroll deposit.  Substitutes should submit their Substitute Payroll Form to the business office.  Substitutes must remember to sign and have the school district representative sign the form to acknowledge the times reported.  A schedule of payroll dates is linked above.

The daily rate for substitute paraprofessionals/attendants is $66.00 per day.

The rate for substitute teachers is $83.00 per day.  After the first 30 consecutive days in a specific position, the rate increases to $100.00 per day for the substitute teacher through the 60th day.  After 60 days in a specific position, the substitute teacher is paid based on their training and experience on the Board adopted salary schedule and becomes eligible for benefits.

Hourly and daily employees use timesheets on a bi-weekly basis.  A pay period ends on the Saturday following a pay date.  The time in that pay period will be paid 2 weeks later on the next payroll Friday.  Once you get in the bi-weekly cycle you submit timesheets at the end of the week when you receive a payroll deposit.  You submit your timesheet to the payroll accountant. Please remember to sign and have your supervisor or building representative sign to acknowledge the times reported.  A schedule of payroll dates is linked above.

Employees that are normally paid in equal amounts over a period of time use a timesheet if they are required to provide additional duties beyond their normal work schedule.  When completing additional hours, it is helpful if you note your regular work hours on the timesheet and document the in and out times of the hours you are working beyond your regular daily hours.  Additional work may occur with classified (non-teaching) employees and infrequently with certified (teaching) employees.  Your supervisor should be consulted if you have questions about the appropriateness of working additional time.

Whenever you are absent from work you must report your absence through an automated system.  NwOESC uses Aesop (Automated Educational Substitute Operator) to schedule substitutes and process leave requests.  Aesop is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To access the system via phone, dial 1-800-942-3767.

The Aesop on-line system allows you to enter notes for the substitute and notes to the administrator.  Administrator notes are required for the following absences (administrator notes are not visible to substitutes).

  • Sick Dependent – List relationship of family member

  • Death in Family – List relationship of family member

Requests for personal leave are to be made at least 5 days in advance, except in the case of emergency, and are to be for personal obligations that are necessary and compelling which involve the following:

  • Family Event

  • Legal Transactions

  • Personal Emergency

If you use the phone to enter the leave and a note is required, you must call the business office to report the information.  If your leave request is for more than 5 consecutive days, you must contact your NwOESC Supervisor to discuss the situation.  An employee is limited, through the Aesop system, to entering absences up to 5 consecutive days so your next contact is to the business office to have that leave entered into the system.

If you experience difficulty using the Aesop system, please contact Kristan Hughes at 567.444.4806 or khughes@nwoesc.org.  Do not leave a message if the absence is occurring the same day as you are seeking help.

Please refer to the employee handbook for more information about the appropriate use of leave.  Sick leave and vacation are available in 1/4 day increments.  Personal leave may be taken in 1/2 day increments.

The privilege of NwOESC employment imposes on each staff member the responsibility to be on the job on time every scheduled work day. This responsibility requires that the employee maintain good health standards, take intelligent precautions against accidents, both on and off the job, and manage personal affairs in order to satisfy NwOESC attendance requirements.

A staff member who fails to give prompt notice of his/her absence, misuses sick leave, fails to verify his/her absence in accordance with Board policy, falsifies the reason for an absence, is absent without authorization, is repeatedly tardy, or accumulates an excessive number of absences without good cause may be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Absences not documented and covered with available leave time, will result in a reduction of pay.

Please contact the Business Office with any questions at 567.444.4806




Certified staff ending a limited contract that are eligible for a continuing contract must information the Business Office in writing by January 31 of the school year in which eligibility occurs.  The required information (i.e. transcripts) must be on file by March 1.  Please contact the Business Office with any questions at 567.444.4806.

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