Northwest Ohio Opportunity School

Northwest Ohio Opportunity School Information

2017-18 School Year

Location:  NW Ohio Opportunity School - Portable Classroom          

Independence Education Center (IEC) Campus

6950 Independence Road, Defiance, OH 43512

School Day:  8:10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Mission:  The mission of the Northwest Ohio Opportunity School is to provide an alternative, but challenging environment for at-risk students.  The Northwest Ohio Opportunity School serves both long- and short-term students.  Long-term students can make-up credits through online learning combined with textbook curriculum and face-to-face support so that they may rejoin their class to graduate on time, attend vocational school, attend CBI, or complete graduation requirements.  The typical long-term grade level span served is 9th through 12thShort-term students attend to remain in school and get credit for their school work while serving suspension time from 1-10 days.  The typical short-term grade level span is 6th through12th.

Calendar:  Our school follows the Independence Education Center (IEC) calendar.  In the event of inclement weather, the Northwest Ohio Opportunity School follows the IEC for delays and/or closures.

Transportation:  Student transportation will be coordinated by the home school and the parent/guardian.  The Northwest Ohio Opportunity School does not provide transportation.  Students may ride the bus to Four County Career Center then ride to the Opportunity School with another district who has students attending, but this must be coordinated by the home school.  There is a shuttle provided from the IEC/Opportunity School back to Four County Career Center in the afternoon.  Students are not allowed to drive to the Opportunity School/IEC campus.

Opportunity School Handbook:  Our handbook, which includes all of the required forms needed to get both short- and long-term students enrolled can be found on the NwOESC’s website at:

NW Ohio Opportuntity School Handbook 17-18


  • Long-Term Program (credit recovery) is $70 per day/student.  Long-term placement is not applicable for students on IEPs.  Partial day enrollments will be billed at full day rate.
  • Short-Term Program (in-school suspension) is $50 per day/student (up to 10 consecutive days). 


Opportunity School Staff

Lori Ploegmakers, Teacher                        Phone:  567.444.4820 or 567.444.4800, x4770
                                                                   Email:   Lploegmakers@nwoesc.org

Stacey Parrish, Program Supervisor          Phone:  567.444.4800; x4846
                                                                   Email:   Sparrish@nwoesc.org

Brandi Sabatino, Paraprofessional    


Process for Student Enrollment

1. Contact Lori Ploegmakers by phone (567.444.4820) or via email at (Lploegmakers@nwoesc.org).

2. Send purchase order to NwOESC’s business office (must be in place before enrollment can begin).

3. Complete enrollment form and email to both Lori Ploegmakers and Stacey Parrish (Sparrish@nwoesc.org).

4.  Lori will contact the school to discuss the placement of the student and to speak with the principal concerning the student.

5.  A transcript listing completed course work will be provided to the home school at the end of the year for long-term students.  A report detailing the work short-term students completed will be provided to the home school as well.


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