April Shout Outs

Mary Mohler and Becky Nofziger for being two of the best women I know! You are hard workers and always willing to go the extra mile. You are kind and insightful with my students. Thanks ladies!
~ Michelle Winters

Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Russell, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Bidlack, Ms. Gentit, Mrs. Anthony, and Ms. McCann for your support in riding the shuttle over the last couple of months. You are much appreciated. Here's a huge THANK YOU to each of you!
                ~ Sherryann Franks

Amy Neff and Hope Thompson, I truly appreciate your willingness to always fill in when there is a vacancy.
                ~ Sherryann Franks

April Russell for putting the Easter Egg hunt together in both the downstairs and upstairs classes!!! It was awesome and a lot of fun! THANK YOU for putting it all together!!
               ~ Hope Thompson 

Megan Hensley, Myra Graffice, Tiffany Wachtman, Jodi Mack, and Susan Benson for making this school year the best! Thank you for making it a joy to come to class every day!
               ~  Derric Martinez

Gloria Altamirano for being the OMEC "Go to" person. She has mastered the protection of student PII and taught so many TR Clerks and migrant staff on how to properly access records. Gloria helps migrant staff across several states get information which helps students achieve success. And then there is the warm, friendly, caring side of Gloria who answers silly questions and helps everyone be a better advocate for migrant families.
               ~  Pat Kingsborough

Kayla McCoy, Ashley Hogrefe, Scarllette Gombash, and Stephanie Martinez for participating in the "Lots of Socks" Down Syndrome Awareness Day on March 21.
               ~ Kerri Weir

Kerri Weir and Homer Hendricks for supplying us with FREE coffee, tea, and hot chocolate! Thank you for putting a smile on so many faces!
               ~ Pat Turpening

Corey Todd for his patience with me as we identified my computer problem and then worked diligently to get me access once again. His professionalism is beyond measure!
               ~ Kelley Phillips

Kathy Schubers, You are rocking your first year in preschool. Way to go on keeping that 5-star Step Up to Quality Rating!
               ~ Cristin Sunderman

Andrea Irving for being an amazing woman and a pleasure to work with over these past few months. You aren't only a great friend, but an amazing aide to the students as well! I am so happy I have met you. Keep up the good work.
               ~ Cynthia Bolich

Corey Todd for going above and beyond helping me with three tech issues at one time. It was time consuming and probably tedious. You were very helpful and kind!
               ~ Elizabeth James

Dorothy Lambert for covering the front desk while everyone was out celebrating our administrative professionals! Thank you for stepping up without hesitation.
               ~ Chad Rex

Northwest Ohio ESC staff make a positive impact in so many ways across our service area!  
We now have an easier way for staff to send “Shout Outs” about the great things happening in our classrooms, programs, offices and districts. Use the link below to share a submission, with the option of attaching a photo as well. 

Thanks in advance for participating. Looking forward to sharing our story!

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