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In Ohio, parents interested in educating their children at home may do so by notifying their local school district superintendent and meeting the requirements of Ohio law to home school. If requirements are met, the district superintendent releases the student from required compulsory school attendance. This exempts the student(s) from school attendance requirements in state law.  
Home Education:

October 3, 2023
Latest Legislation:
House Bill 33 - 135th General Assembly

(A) As used in this section, "home education" means the education of a child, between the ages of six and eighteen years of age, that is directed by the child's parent. "Home education" does not include education provided to a child who is enrolled full time in a public or chartered nonpublic school.

(B) A child receiving home education in the subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, history, government, and social studies is exempt from section 3321.04 of the Revised Code.

(C) Within five calendar days after commencing home education, moving into a new school district, or withdrawing from a public or nonpublic school, and by the thirtieth day of August each year thereafter, the parent or guardian of a child receiving a home education shall transmit a notice to the superintendent of the child's school district of residence. The notice shall provide the parent's name and address, the child's name, and an assurance that the child will receive education in the subject areas required under this section. The child's exemption under this section is effective immediately upon receipt of notice. The district superintendent shall provide a written acknowledgment of the superintendent's receipt of the notice to the parent or guardian not later than fourteen calendar days after receiving the notice. A child exempt under this section shall not be required to be excused under section 3321.04 of the Revised Code.

(D) A child that is being enrolled in a public school following any period of home education shall be placed in the appropriate grade level, without discrimination or prejudice, based on the policies of the child's district of residence.

(E) This section shall not be subject to any rules adopted by the director of education and workforce and the department of education and workforce.

(F) If there is evidence that a child exempt under this section is not receiving an education in the subject areas required under this section, then that child may be subject to section 3321.19 of the Revised Code.

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