Home Schooling

In Ohio, parents interested in educating their children at home may do so by notifying their local school district superintendent and meeting the requirements of Ohio law to home school. If requirements are met, the district superintendent releases the student from required compulsory school attendance. This excuses the student and family from school attendance requirements in state law.  
Some member school districts have selected the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center to assist with the parental notification process for Home Education.  In these cases, the NwOESC would receive all information from parents wishing to home school their children, check to make sure all information is in place, and coordinate approvals in conjunction with the local district superintendent.  
Home education is recognized by section 3321.04 http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3321.04 of the Ohio Revised Code. Parents or guardians who decide to home school their students are completely responsible for choosing the curriculum and course of study. They select the curriculum and educational materials and take responsibility for educating their children. There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option. 
To find out more information about the Home Education notification process, contact your local school district superintendent or Linda Schlosser, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent at the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center at 567-444-4807 or [email protected]
Please be mindful of the following notification time frame as stated in the ORC:

3301-34-03 Notification

(A) Consistent application of procedures and practices throughout the state by superintendents and parents is essential for children receiving home education and helps to safeguard the primary right of parents to determine the appropriate education for their child(ren).

A parent who elects to provide home education shall supply the following information to the superintendent no later than the first week of the start of the public school building the child would attend in the school district of residence or within one week of the date on which the child begins to reside in the district or within one week from the child's withdrawal from a school.

 Effective: 7/1/2019

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